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Merry Christmas & BREXIT changes

Merry Christmas & BREXIT changes

Dear Aviation enthousiasts, MFG Team wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New 2020 ! Featured image of this article is Ross Buckland's fine art that we love here at MFG. Head over to Ross website if you like it too :

Rudders re-stock schedule info

We are managing to produce more quantity of Rudder pedals therefore stock outages should be rare, stock added weekly. It is possible to subscribe to be notified when in stock on product page. Read more info... Kind regards Milan Šimundža  

Delivery times & Corona Virus related

Regulary updated ...
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - Set up MFG Crosswinds

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - Set up MFG Crosswinds

2 days since release of MSFS and my inbox is already filling up. This post will explain how to set up rudder pedas in this new sim.

Otvaranje naše nove Internet Trgovine

Napokon smo krenuli u rad, i šaljemo robu s lagera ! Nakon dosta vremena utrošenog u razvoj drago mi je pozdraviti sve entuzijaste u simulacije leta na našu novu internet trgovinu.

Cijene uključuju PDV za Europske destinacije, bazirano na Geolokaciji.