MFG Crosswind V3 Cessna 172 pedale kormila pravca

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Cessna replica model - pedale kormila pravca for PC flight simulation, Windows (any)/Mac OS/Linux compatible
Consist of our universal base and selected footrest model
Made in Croatia , Europe

MFG Crosswind V3 - baza

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Set papučica za MFG rudder pedale

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Cessna rudder's

Cessna is designed from original aircraft rudders with only minor difference in size. For comfort, angle of the pedals need to be adjusted more verticaly which MFG Crosswind rudder pedals allow you to do with ease

For Cessna footrests you will need Imbus key 4mm. Make sure you buy it if you dont have one.

Accessories for rudder pedals

Ramon M 2023-03-29

Fantastic value for money!

I am a longtime flight simmer and currently fly DCS World, IL-2 and MSFS2020. Based on the experience of several of my flying buddies I finally decided to invest in MFG pedals as well. What a great choice I made.
I opted for the MFG Crosswind V3 graphite 2x Footrests pack - 1x MFG Crosswind V3 graphite, and the additional damper.

MFG quickly replied when inquiring about availability. Ordering and paying went very smoothly and I received the package from MFG from Croatia to the Netherlands in one week. The equipment was packaged “idiot proof” (as can be seen in one of the videos) and assembling was easy.

I intentionally waited with writing this short review because I wanted to use and experience the pedals first for a couple of weeks. I have them for 3 weeks now and I never experienced the ability to apply this level of detail while applying rudder or braking. It’s smooth with the right (adjustable) level of friction. My size 10,5 (45) feet fit well on the pedals. Flying aircraft is way more fun, and manoeuvering helicopters is of a complete different level now. Incomparable with my old Thrustmaster set. I have much more control and “feeling” now.

Sturdily built, and finished with care (even a serial number punched in). They are built to last and look very good (matter of taste, for me = bonus).

Perhaps not for everyone, but when you are serious about flight simming, I can warmly recommend the MFG pedals, as they add great and lasting value to your experience. A solid investment in my long time passion/hobby.

Should have bought them way earlier :-)

    Savvas K 2022-10-05

    MFG Crosswind

    These have made a huge difference in my setup. I fly with some other people who already own these or have also purchased these around the same time as I and they are all happy. Solid product.

      Milan Šimundža 2021-12-12

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        MFG Crosswind V3 Cessna 172 pedale kormila pravca

        MFG Crosswind V3 Cessna 172 pedale kormila pravca