Set of brake axis cables (2x) for V1 pedals - preassembled Raširi

Set of brake axis cables (2x) for V2/3 pedals - preassembled



Cables are preassembled with connectors and sensors

For MFG Crosswind V2 & V3, as pinout on the cable differ from V1 !!!
If you doubt what is your model of the pedals take a look at the picture. Some pedals have retrofitted newer electronics and therefore USB plug will clearly indicate which cable you need !

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It is very rarely that cable replacement is necessary therefore please check FAQ regarding issues with brake axis first to avoid unnecessary replacement of these cables

Replacement instructions are described in this part 4 of the video only, as other parts of video are made for different purpose !!!

After sucessfull cable replacement it is mandatory to calibrate brake axis by using MFG Configurator software !


You are free to replace only 1x cable which is faulty, and keep other cable as a spare in case of future failure. We sell these in a set as it might happen that you damage sensitive cable during process of installing it, so be carefull !

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