Terms and conditions of use

Entering into a Contract

Correct filling by the Buyer of an form available on the Internet shop pages and subsequent confirmation of purchase for products put by the Buyer into the so called “Basket” – by clicking a button “ORDER” - is considered essential and necessary condition for realizing the order. Doing that, the Buyer is placing a legally binding order for products chosen by her or him. After placing an order the Buyer shall immediately receive from the Seller via E-mail confirmation of reception of the order. In this way the Seller and the Buyer enter into a buying and selling contract “the Contract”. In case the Buyer does not receive written confirmation of reception of his or her order, the Contract is considered not closed. The Contract shall be automatically terminated in case the Buyer does not make a necessary prepayment to the Seller within 30 days from the date of placing an order. Moreover, in particular cases the Seller reserves his right to terminate the Contract without giving any reason. In such cases, however, the Seller is obliged to inform the Buyer about his decision within 3 working days. Entering into the Contract is considered to be tantamount to understanding and accepting all the provisions of these regulations.

Delivery of Products

All the ordered products shall be delivered on address given in the order form,or if buyer have multiple addressess then on address selected by buyer as "delivery address". Only the Buyer is responsible for correctness of data entered into the order form. The Seller shall forward the ordered products within three working days from the date of receiving full payment for the products (this rule does not concern shipping on a basis of bank transfer). All the products ordered that have been sent before receipt of the payment remains the Seller’s property until full payment comes in. Ordered products are delivered by Post,DPD, or DHL Delivery company. However, the Seller reserves his right to realize delivery by means of other service suppliers. Delivery prices are presented to the buyer on checkout page and are dependent per destination. Realization times of delivery depending on destination are presented in "Delivery and Returns" web page and are only informational, not obligatory. Final delivery costs will be automatically calculated in the order form and subsequently added to the value of the order. If Buyer delivery address is withing European Union then VAT of the delivery country will be automatically charged upon checkout.

We reserve the right to ask a customer additional transportation fee before forwarding to the shipper if the cost was not accurately calculated upon checkout proces. Example : DHL economy shipping to Portugal is only possible on mainland, but not remote Islands that are considered as a part of Portugal, and therefore we will need to alter the service to DHL express which include additional cost.

Prices and conditions of payment

All the prices of products available in the Internet shop are quoted in EURO, and automatically converted to other currencies as per buyer geolocation ( IP address). Prices in other currencies are subjected to change on daily basis. Prices presented in the Internet shop should be considered only an invitation to place offers and do not make an offer. Prices presented are VAT free. Pricing with shipping and VAT (if applicable) will be determined once customer select "delivery country" in his "basket". With forwarding products to VAT payers from the EU countries we can calculate the 0 per cent VAT rate if, together with an order, such Clients give their valid EU-VAT Reg.Nr., registered for trade within the European Community. With orders placed through the Internet shop ordered products are send by the Seller only after reception of payment. The Seller accepts the following forms of payment :

- prepayment to our banking account

- prepayment to our banking account on a basis of a proforma invoice

- prepayment by means of a credit card or the Paypal system.

Minimal amount for order is 10 EUR + transportation + VAT. Orders below this amount will not be realized by the Seller.

Return of Products

   As individual Client, the Buyer is entitled to desist from the buying and selling Contract within 30 days, without giving any reason, with exception of products assembled on individual commission of the Buyer. Such a procedure demands, however, as a necessary condition that the Buyer informs the Seller of their decision in writing within 30 days from the date of entering into the Contract and sends products, on their cost, to the Seller premises in an original state and wrapping. In case of products return the Buyer bears full costs of dispatch from and to the Buyer, which are not returned by the Seller. Any fees charged for using specific payment method are not refunded either. In case of products return money will be returned by the same payment method used by the buyer to make a purchase of goods. If the products returned reach the Seller in a damaged state it shall be considered that damages were produced because of the Buyer’s fault. In such cases the Buyer is entitled only to return a value of not damaged goods. We kindly aks you to pack products carefully by return. The Seller shall return the appropriate amount of money within 7 days from the date of receiving products in return, while sending to the Buyer a corrective invoice. In case of refund by bank transfer, all costs of a banking transfer are covered by the Buyer.

Guarantee, Service, Quality and accuracy of delivered products

If not stated otherwise, We provide 2 years of "limited" warranty from date of reception of goods. By "limited we mean the following :

- We do not have worldwide service network. As such, in majority of countries it is considered that customer shall be capable of servicing the product by himself, with the guidance and spare parts provided by our company. Only in rare cases where damage to the product is such that our engineers conclude that servicing by customer is not possible, we will provide replacement product or service the product ourselves. We preserve the right to choose servicing method ourselves.

- The Seller guarantees appropriate quality of goods delivered, i.e. states that parameters given by the Seller are correct. In addition to that, the Seller gives his guarantee of compliance of forwarded products with an order placed by the Buyer. In case of possible discrepancies in assortment resulted from the Seller’s mistake the Seller shall be obliged to supply the Buyer with missing part of an order or change it in full or in part on his own cost. In case of receiving products which prove to be faulty the Buyer can, within 30 days from the date of parcel reception, claim for removing a fault or changing the products in full or in part for a new one on the guarantee basis. If the fault removal of change of the products is not possible, the Buyer is entitled to desist from the Contract and to claim his payment return in full or in part, but in such a case the Buyer is obliged to inform the Seller about this decision and to enable the Seller to control the faulty products. Any claims should be presented in writing and sent by e-mail to the company address as stated above. The Seller does not bear responsibility for damages which becouse of abuuse by the Buyer starting on a moment of reception of the products, and in particular :

- damages resulting from careless or unskilled handling or adjustments, electronics, cables etc.

- damages concerning tearing or scratches of coating 

- damages resulting from uncontrolled impact

- damages due to influence of high temperatures, higher than max. working temperature for a material, usually around 60 degrees celsious can be considered Max safe temperature

Insignificant scratches or irregularities of an coating are not considered a product fault and do not affect its working parameters.

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