Secure payment methods info

Security comes first !

We follow highest security standards for payment processing, maintain PCI DSS SAQ-A Compliance, use latest 3D Secure protocol and use SSL certificate on our website to prevent any 3rd party of intercepting or spoofing your interaction with our website. We partner ONLY with the most secure payment processors. On top of that, the way we integrated payments is the key to prevent any incidents - our customers enter their data directly on payment processor secure payment pages. Therefore data is never passed or presented to our website or servers. We only recieve payment outcome from the payment processor.

Bank (wire transfer)

Customers recieve instructions to transfer money trough bank on our IBAN account. For customers outside European continent additional fee apply.


All paypal payments are processed only in EUR currency. If you have selected other currency on our website and selected paypal as a payment method your order will be automatically converted to EUR currency when passing info to paypal. Prices presented in currencies other than EUR are daily uptated according to ECB rates and slightly increased in a „best effort“ to present you overall charges including currency conversion to EUR (by Paypal or your bank). Additional fee might be charged on checkout for using this payment method.

Credit Card
powered by WSPay

WSPay is a secure system for real time credit and debit card payments. WSPay ensures the buyer and the merchant with the secure card data entry and transfer, which is also confirmed by PCI DSS certificate. WSPay uses 256-bit SSL encryption and TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol as the highest protection standards for data entry and transfer.

- VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and Diners cards are accepted in all currencies except HRK.

WSpay - Web Secure Payment GatewayPCI DSS LEVEL 1 - Certified by SIQ