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MFG Warthog Extension

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MFG Warthog extension in various lengths and color, made of polished one piece Aluminum on lathe machine. Black ones are anodized in black color
5pin MiniDin Male/Female cable is included

Compatible with Warthog, Cougar and Moongos T-50 joysticks
Made in Croatia, EU

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John Blyth 09/19/2023

Works exceptionally well and beautifully made.

I bought the 10cm black extension, and it is beautifully made and fits perfectly.

I was a little confused about which of the cable ends went where as the silver parts are slightly different lengths. I watched the video carefully, and although it wasn't easy to see in the video (the persons hand was in the way and it was very quickly done), I was able to work it out - the "longer" silver end goes into the Warthog base, and the "shorter" one into the Joystick handle.

The cables is very well made, and fits securely.

I thoroughly recommend this product.

    Brian Kuhn 09/01/2023

    Game Changer!

    I purchased the Warthog Extension hoping to make my TM Warthog stick feel more realistic and provide more precise control. It has exceeded my expectations and made flying my sims more enjoyable. It really adds a lot of control compared to the standard length stick.

      Dzarafata 07/09/2023

      I got 10cm extension for DCS and I really like it

      I got 10cm extension and it seems like a perfect match for me.
      It allows more precise movements making big fast moves is not affected.
      I feel like it shines the most when you need to make very small but very fast corrections, like when trying to make a gunshot in DCS F16 on a bandit that tries to lose You.

      Making adjustments to stay on sustained turns when dogfighting seems easier.

      Making small but long corrections is also easier. It's a bit easier to make A/A refueling or landing in windy day

      The quality of the extension is very good. Everything fits perfectly and seems very sturdy

        LC 04/27/2023


        When i first flew with the extension, i had to get used to it.

        But after the second and third flight with DCS AH-64D Apache, its a dream.

        The Apache and other planes are much better and easier to fly.

        Its really a must have.

        Great product. Love it.

          Nadav 03/27/2023

          10cm extension

          Great quality, and super easy to install. I think for the thrustmaster base, 10 is the max you should take, as the friction will be very light.

            Leandro 03/15/2023

            Great product

            well made, especially the connector, easy to install

              Thomas 05/10/2022

              Wie Tag und Nacht

              war mein erster Eindruck, als ich die Huey in DCS mit der Extension geflogen bin. Sehr zu empfehlen.

                Nevem A 01/28/2021

                Worth every euro.

                I'm very happy with this extension. Great quality. It's exactly what I needed. I'm now far more precise in DCS.
                It's not too small, not too tall and there are no centering problems so you can use it with the standard Warthog Stick Spring.

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                Jacques 10/12/2020

                Great, Quality Product

                Awesome product, beautifully made and works better than expected! Perfecting perfection is a tough thing to do...and you guys have nailed it, my HOTAS setup up in now more perfect!
                My only regret...not ordering sooner!!!

                Some constructive criticism:
                Delivery/Shipping wording is a bit misleading. Says it ships immediately, but only ships the following Monday/Wednesday after payment received.(Found that after some digging around the shipping t&c's) and the DHL express took far longer than expected too, but not really in your control... But luckily it's worth the wait for this kind of quality!

                  Eric Larsen 09/09/2020

                  Very Nice

                  Quality product. Great fast service.

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                  Kong N 09/02/2020

                  Perfect fit to my setup!

                  Fits great between my Warthog joystick. A little harder to squish the cable in that short of the tube. Definitely added more leverage to finely turn the airplanes. Highly recommended.

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                  Vanguard 07/30/2020

                  Well made

                  I an idiot because it wasn't obvious to me that these would stack. I wish I had ordered two 7.5cm and I could just use them together to make 15cm. Duh. Shipping costs make it ridiculous to order another unfortunately.

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                  Robie Brogan 06/09/2020


                  Well made. Shipped promptly. Love their stuff.

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                  MFG Warthog Extension

                  MFG Warthog Extension