MFG Crosswind V3 Bf109 rudder pedals

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Messerschmitt Bf109 inspired model - rudders for PC flight simulation, Windows (any)/Mac OS/Linux compatible
Consist of our universal base and selected footrest model

Made in Croatia , Europe

MFG Crosswind V3 - base

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Footrest Kit for MFG rudder pedals

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Discover what makes MFG Crosswind rudders so special

Bf 109 - our flagship model

Introduced in 2012 with original V1 pedals and gradually refined trough the years. Made out of same sturdy composite as the base unit and unlike others features flying style with full feet on the pedals as WWII era german war planes

Accessories for rudder pedals

  • Hydraulic Damper universal kit for V1-3 pedals - 1 Hydraulic Damper universal kit for V1-3 pedals - 1
    in stock, immediate shipping
    Hydraulic Damper universal kit for V1-3 pedals

    Kit consist of 1x Adjustable hydraulic damper, Composite damper holder, 2x Din912 M8x40, 1x Din912 M8x80, 2x Din912 M6x35 screws, 2x Aluminum 16,5mm long ring Stand-offs ( Spacers)Compatible with MFG Crosswing V1,V2 and V3 pedalsAdjustable damping force (23 increments)Installation on V1,V2 is a bit more complex than on V3Allan imbus key for M8 screw not...

    USD $ 51.15 Tax excluded
    87 Review(s)
  • WAP (Width adjustment plate for MFG rudder) - 1 WAP (Width adjustment plate for MFG rudder) - 1
    in stock, immediate shipping
    WAP (Width adjustment plate for MFG rudder)

    WAP - Set of Width Adjustment Plates for MFG CrosswindCompatible with V1,V2 and V3 pedals

    USD $ 21.31 Tax excluded
    14 Review(s)
  • CAM5 centering profile for MFG pedals - 1 CAM5 centering profile for MFG pedals - 1
    in stock, immediate shipping
    CAM5 centering profile for MFG pedals

    Alternate Centering profile for rudder axis on MFG CrosswindCompatible with V1,V2 and V3 pedals

    USD $ 14.58 Tax excluded
    3 Review(s)
  • Soft Spring for MFG Crosswind - 1
    in stock, immediate shipping
    Soft Spring for MFG Crosswind

    Soft spring for main rudder axis centering. Considering that standard spring that comes with pedals is very realistic and therefore provide adjustment range from middle strong to strong, we offer this soft variant which provide force range variation from extreeme soft to middle strong.If you are used to softness in majority of plastic pedals and you like...

    USD $ 4.49 Tax excluded
    9 Review(s)
Koenraad P 07/11/2024

excellent material

These pedals are really excellent quality. Sturdy materials and smooth finish. They work absolutely flawlessly and accurately like the best. The package was a bit of a mess inside and the plastic bags with the nuts, bolts and spacers where torn and ripped. But my guess is this is due to careless handling by customs personnel !. I think they opened the box. The pedals however where not damaged.

    Tonc87 04/29/2024

    Very satisfied with the purchase

    I have been so exited about receiving these pedals, that I made a review video when they arrived:

    Now, four months later, I can say with absolute confidence that I´m still very satisfied with these pedals.

    Manufacturing them out of a composite material is a brilliant idea. There is no annoying creaking that so many plastic pedals suffer from.
    The movement of the pedals is nice and smooth and allows for great precision.
    I will upgrade mine with the hydraulic dampener.
    Maybe I can pick it up at the workshop when I vacation in Split?

      Benoit E 04/11/2024

      Suggestion for improvement

      I received this product and first I saw that the plastic bags used for the screws were torn and did not resist during the travel so that the screws were spread all over in the box.
      Regarding the product itself it is a very good one for sure. Still I think that it could be more stable on the rear part. See the shape for detail but when I withdraw one of my foot, the product starts collapsing because of the remaing foot's weight. To fix that, I will tie a pieace of wood to make it more stable.
      I think it is a pity for a product with that quality besides that.

        Vadim A. 03/23/2024

        A dream!

        1st rudders ever, but wanted to buy some for several years (used the Z-axis of joystick for many years).
        The build is superb in EVERYTHING. The effect of using them is beyond anything I had hoped for - in DCS's fighters, helis, and in MSFS C-172 - total immersion !
        The additional damper is really awesome as well!
        Don't see me going back from this to anything else :)

          Christian L 01/12/2024

          What a blast!

          I expected a quite a lot from these pedals and my expectations haven´t been met - they have been surpassed.

          They are a dream to fly with. I used the alternative cam that comes with the pedals and ordered the low tension spring - as it turned out, this was plain and simple the perfect choice for me. I´m not only able to enjoy my flights even more, it even improved precision and overall skill, especially flying helos in DCS.

          Setup was a breeze, calibration an easy one minute job (if needed at all).

            Robert P 01/05/2024


            Fast delivery. Amazing product that is well constructed. I can't wait to put it good use. Thank you!

              lritchie porter aka Lone Ranger 12/11/2023

              ---------------------------------------------------proud new own

              what a beautiful product glad i pulled the trigger on these pedals ....the service was excellent i received them in under a week

                Mark D 10/30/2023


                These are my first rudder pedals and I did a lot of research before buying. I really like the composite construction and they seem like a very well designed and manufactured product. The set up was super easy - I did not even bother calibrating for a few weeks. Highly recommended and the only thing I would have done different would be to add the damper accessory. They are excellent without the damper and outstanding with it.

                  laurent 10/07/2023


                  hi, can i have all measures of your product please cause my chair is tall ? thx

                  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.
                  TE Gardner 08/29/2023

                  Awesome Kit

                  First and only set or rudder pedals that I have owned, so I do not have anything to compare them to. However, I do not see a need or desire to purchase anything else. These are really well designed and constructed, and I have been using these for over two years without issue. They are a real pleasure and worth every penny.

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                    MFG Crosswind V3 Bf109 rudder pedals

                    MFG Crosswind V3 Bf109 rudder pedals