MFG SiMM8Rge USB joystick controller - 1 Expand

MFG SiMM8Rge USB joystick controller

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USB universal joystick controller board
Fitted in MFG Crosswind rudder pedals since S/N 0337 (V2&V3)

Rudder pedals firmware is v5.xx (current v5.05)
Universal joystick firmware is v7.xx ( current v7.16)

Made in Croatia ( EU )

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Dean Bell 06/13/2024

Great Service

My crosswinds v3 suddenly failed great service and prompt delivery installed and all working great again best pedals on the market coupled with the best customer service.......... 5 stars all round here

    Bobby W 05/12/2024

    not a year old

    They are great pedals however over a week ago they stop working. i have contacted support and it has been 9 days and havent gotten a response. so now i have a set of 500 dollar paper weights i have contacted support and no response. my guess is the usb board went out. and there out of stock so now i have no rudder pedals.

      Bart 03/18/2024

      Warranty repair

      my pedals failed and this part was sent to get them working again. Worked great, i'm back in the air. Thank you Milan for prompt service.

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      Pramod Mathur 02/28/2024

      SiMM8Rge USB Controller Replacement

      My new controller failed within 6 months, so I contacted the support team. They recommended replacing the controller board and promptly shipped a new unit at no cost to me as it was under warranty, which is working well. I appreciate the quick response. I have been using the rudder pedals for many years and find these to be the best out of all other brands available in the market - trust me, I have tried 4 different brands.

        Jordi 02/24/2024

        Spare part under guarantee

        After having some trouble with the MFG rudder pedals, the costumer service send me this spare part under guarantee and everything was OK again.
        I am happy with the quality of MFG products. Maybe their customer service is not specially fast, but they always answer and solved the problem.

          Garry W. 08/27/2023

          Back in the air.

          New part got rudder working beautifully again after a careless mishap on my part. As usual Milan came through. Shipping was super fast too. I love shopping here.

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          Loneshade 02/15/2022

          Fast and reliable!

          Reliable high end quality and fast service - and best of all, easy to fix and maintain when really something breaks. Great service from Milan, can only recommend this hardware :)

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          Daniel Ponder 10/02/2021

          Milan Flight Gear the best of the best!!

          MFG provides a superior product and then enables the consumer to repair any part at a reasonable price point. The equipment is durable and easy to maintain. The software can be a little confusing figuring out which firmware version is needs to be installed but their support goes out of it's way to assist you. The company has produced a number of YouTube videos to further help anyone struggling. From the time of purchase to delivery was 10 days to my home in Southern California.

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          Vince Williams 02/25/2021

          Rudder Controller

          Ordered on Thursday received it the following Thursday in Oregon all the way from Croatia. It is hard for me to get things across country in a week. Thank you so much for the speedy delivery. Now I am up and flying again.

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          Daniel Costa 09/03/2020

          Fixed my problem.

          Ultra fast shipping to NY. Easy install and problem fixed,.

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          Daniel C 08/28/2020

          Fixed my problem.

          Some how mine stopped working. Ordered on Sunday and by Wednesday had the part in NY. Back at it again with the best rudder.

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          MFG SiMM8Rge USB joystick controller

          MFG SiMM8Rge USB joystick controller