Footrest Kit for MFG rudder pedals

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Sturdy, Ergonomic, antislip designs for flying in shoes or barefoot.

- Kit consist of left + right footrest, 4x screws
- Compatible with ALL MFG Crosswind models (V1,V2,V3) and WAP addon
- Easy footrests style change on only 2x screws per footrest

For 3d printed pedals - Installation Allan imbus key (M6 screw) not included with MFG Crosswind - available as accessory

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MFG Crosswind rudder pedals were designed and conceptualized from day 1 to accept various footrests for different flying styles. That is why Brake axis dont depend on footrests at all and brake axis shaft is situated at ideal height from the floor as we had "heels on the floor" principle in mind from the start. We also imagined that our customers will not need to buy new pedals to use a different style, but just desired footrests.

That being said, we had various style prototypes for years, fine tuned for comfort and ergonomics. Unfortunately, due to complexities of manufacturing such pedals on CNC we couldn't sell it at reasonable price (at least for what I think would be reasonable).

Beside our standard composite Me109 style, now we finally offer you different style footrests that are 100% up to MFG standards, made possible thanks to advancements in 3d print fillaments technology and latest 3d printers. Our special printer settings improve layer adhesion by 35% as well as finished product apearance. To the untrained eye pedals look like a high volume molded product.

- Me109 model made of rugged composite on CNC machine
- Other models are made of 3d printed - reinforced PLA that are virtually unbreakable , tested under serious abuse.
(everything can be broken intentionaly with goal set to break it, but these footrests endure all possible real life scenarios with ease)

- WAP addon can be used to increase or decrease overall width ONLY ON Me109 , for other models user can only increase overall width of the pedals by using WAP

We know that our customers are used to having one key for all adjustments. We broke that rule for 3d printed footrests and you will need Imbus key 4mm for 3d printed model footrests. Make sure you buy it (in accessories) if you dont have one. Reason for this change is simple - to spread force loading across as many layers of 3d print and therefore increase ruggednes dramatically. Such thing was not necessary on composite parts.

- Combat(universal) pedals were originaly designed based on F16 style which has big holes on body of the footrests. In real life, while flying on simulator, those early prototypes proved uncomfortable for barefoot flying, naturaly as they were designed for pilot's boots. They also proved slippery on braking and round shape at bottom caused some pain under toes when flying barefoot for 3-4 hours session. After many prototypes we ended up with a shape we offer to you. It is not gorgeus as early prototypes but is still nice, really comfortable and ergonomic.

- Cessna is designed as original aircraft with only minor difference in size
- P-51 Mustang and P-47 Thunderbolt are made in original US green cockpit color of US fighters of that era. Size and shape of these pedals is as accurate but modified for simulator use.

Every pedal style has different feel in use and therefore ideal angle of footrests is different for each

Always use original screw specification as supplied with Footrests ! 3D printed footrests use countersunk screws which increase ruggedness by 30%.

For 3d Printed Footrests : Re-tighten the screws after 1-2 days of use, when everything "sit" in place.

For 3d Printed Footrests : Buy required imbus key

For V1/V2 pedals weaker brake axis springs are also recomended for comfort

  • Set of brake axis springs rev.3 soft (Left & Right) - 1 Set of brake axis springs rev.3 soft (Left & Right) - 1
    in stock, immediate shipping
    Set of brake axis springs rev.3 soft (Left & Right)

    In case you want different revision from one shipped in your MFG Crosswind pedals.19.08.2021 V3 revision introduced for new pedals - 6% softer than V1 mainly due to combat pedals requirementsAll revisions are compatible with V1,V2 and V3 pedalsTo determine which you already have see list below !

    USD $ 9.44 Tax excluded
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JS Bishop 03/14/2024


These feel just like my Yak-52. Personally, I like this style the most, you can drag your heals a little for normal flight or get up on your toes for the “rudder dance” when your slow and trying to keep the nose on the bandit or that glider on tow.

    YSC 02/14/2024

    good feeling, 3D printing quality a bit soso

    Great feeling to use with the crosswind V3, but when adjusted to higher angle and use for a while, it feels like the top layer is a bit separated, after applying foot brake and release, sometimes a rebounce delaminating feeling snap is heard and felt, a minor thing at the moment but a bit disappointed with the feel, also the rough edges is a bit less refined than hoped for the price

      Rajko K 12/13/2023

      Airbus MFG Ruddder Pedals

      Good quality, great support from MFG team.
      Well done Mr. Milan.

        Thomas G 11/20/2023

        Perfect for DCS - flying jets and helicopters

        Perfect for helicopters together with the damper kit. Much more granular control compared to pushing the heel with your whole leg.

          Doug H. 09/17/2023

          Exactly what I needed!

          My only complaint from day 1 with the MFG Crosswind was the foot rests. These 3D printed footrests have solved that issue! Now I have almost an exact replica to the pedals and brakes as I have on my 182! Thanks Milan!

          • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
          Sonny K 08/04/2023

          Universal Footrests

          Incredible quality and a reasonable size!

          • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
          Alexander M 07/17/2023

          TBM 930 Footrests

          My rudder pedals arrived with the Me-109 pedals; while the build quality and fitment is great; the full-length footrest did prove to be a little uncomfortable. I opted for the TBM-930 footrests a bit later, and these are exactly what I wanted. My feet slide naturally into the contours of the pedals, and I find it very easy to apply fine adjustments on the toe brakes, as well as finding solid support for operating the rudder controls proper. They are extremely comfortable (surprisingly so!) and I highly recommend them! 5/5 no question!

            Pterosaur54 04/16/2023

            Footrest kit

            Does what it says, Can be adapted to m ay types of aircraft pedals

              Michael Olsson 04/12/2023

              Airbus Footrest

              Although I have big shoes, I was happy surprised that the MFG Airbus Pedals
              works fine with my MFG Crosswind rudder. Together with the hydraulic damper this give a very nice realistic feeling of the real Airbus pedals. Excellent with Microsoft FS and the A32NX simulation of the A320!

                Luke Wallace 04/02/2023

                Excellent footrests

                Great quality and durability with these footrests. The shape is really ideal when flying barefoog

                  Nadav 03/27/2023

                  Combat rudder pedal.

                  Those may be costly, and made out of plastic, but man those are awesome.

                  They add a level of immersion to my DCS flights. I will definitely jump back and forth between the me109 and those.
                  Highly recommend, but if you only take one, me109 is more versatile maybe. So take both!

                    Mathis T 09/15/2022

                    Airbus Fusspedal

                    Beste Quallität mit 2 unterschiedlichen farben gedruckt unzerstörbar bomben befestigung und schaut einfach absolut gut aus und fühlt sich auch absolut super an ! einzigartiger Simulator Fuspedal Hersteller.

                      Blacknass 09/05/2022

                      Cessna universal +P52

                      Cessna universal +P52 sehr gute verarbeitung guter preis sehr leicht sehr stabil nicht zerstörbar ! und schaut gut aus kan ich jedem empfelen und würde es immer wieder kaufen was man ja nicht uss da man Quallität kauft und bekommt ! nach fast 1 Jahr schwärme ich immernoch davon

                        Helios C 04/26/2022

                        Price a bit too high

                        Combat (Univese) - Should be 3D printing, I was worried about the durability before buying, but found it is very sturdy. The size of the screw holes is a little smaller, and the left and right sides are not balanced. The most serious thing is that the screws have begun to rust after a week of use.

                          Reinhard B 01/26/2022

                          Great product

                          I mounted them into my rig and they fit perfectly. They're much more comfortable to use than the original pedals, especially if you fly just with socks. They feel very sturdy overall and are very easy to mount. Can thoroughly recommend

                            Luke Wallace 12/30/2021

                            Great Quality

                            These new pedals were easy to install and calibrate, and they look and work great (the P-51 model). Recommended!

                            • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
                            ED 11/20/2021

                            Good quality

                            Love the MFG quality and fits well overall. Great with flying GA planes in MSFS2020. Just wish there were mounting options for a narrower overall width.

                            • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
                            Ghfghf F 11/01/2021

                            Note on Reviews

                            Write and read reviews on each PACK product's page

                              Jon 10/17/2021

                              Really solid prints

                              Good. Compatible with WAP as well ;)

                              Needed softer springs for the toe brakes.

                                Tom Kendrick 09/28/2021

                                Wasn't sure but glad I ordered them!

                                I upgraded my rudder system with Crosswind 3's and the damper kit. I was on the fence about trying this type of pedal and decided to order all of them together to save shipping cost. It was a good decision, I am thoroughly enjoying this new experience! For anyone trying to decide if Crosswind 3's and some accessories are the best way to go, I am certain you'll love them!

                                • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
                                Stefan K 09/23/2021

                                Very stylish...

                                ...i like the look of the combat pedals and the feeling is also very cool.
                                especially if you fly without shoes it is very comfortable.
                                I use 44° angle, its perfect for me
                                (Yes its plastic ... but it feels very solid i prefer this over the original footrest)
                                Awesome job

                                  Brian M 09/10/2021

                                  Simple, and does the job

                                  I always found the original pedals too bulky, and was used to heels on the floor in real life flying. These new pedals fit the bill. I adjusted the angle to 44deg.

                                    John V. 09/07/2021

                                    Great addon!

                                    My MFG Rudder Pedals are so much more enjoyable now that I can make rudder / nose wheel steering movements with my heals on the floor!

                                    • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
                                    achim 09/02/2021

                                    Like them

                                    I prefer them instead of the original ones. Using them the croswind is more "lightwight" to use...

                                    At the end its a personal thing which pedals you prefer... For me it was a good decision to replace the originals. Even when I fly a Cesna ;)

                                    They are made of Plastic - with a 3-D Printer I think... Hope they are durable..

                                      Milan Šimundža 08/19/2021

                                      In reply to Bernard

                                      In reply to Bernard : You can achieve 2000kg downward force on this screw, of course you can't screw them "enough" like you can original composite as it is made of plastic.
                                      Combat pedals are flown with heels on the floor and you put your feet up when taxing//braking. It is like that in western military aircrafts

                                      • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.
                                      Bernard 07/14/2021

                                      Lower quality

                                      You can't screw enough this pedals. They are too small so you must change poisition when using brakes. Original pedals are more efficient and best quality

                                      • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

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                                      Footrest Kit for MFG rudder pedals

                                      Footrest Kit for MFG rudder pedals