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Brake axis shaft SET


This is a spare part for MFG Crosswind rudder pedals. Consists of both LEFT + RIGHT shaft

NOTE For V1 pedals :  it is likely that you will need small spacer of 0,5mm under sensor cap for a sensor to operate at full range of adjusted angles. spacer can be made of simple paper for example !
Compatible with V1,V2 and V3 pedals

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Following video can be used as Installation tutorial.
We removed this video from our youtube channel and "brake strenght adjustment" is no longer supported feature. Reason is becouse more than few customers damaged brake shaft while performing this procedure - causing hole on brake shaft to widen up which lead to 1-4 degrees play on brake axis (see picture below)
It is very important to align screw hole on brake shaft to the screw itself before tightening, as noted on video !!!

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Brake axis shaft SET

Brake axis shaft SET