Vertical parallelogram side grey - RIGHT Raširi

Vertical parallelogram side grey - RIGHT



This is a spare part for MFG Crosswind rudder pedals. Consists of both LEFT + RIGHT shaft

Compatible with MFG Crosswind V2 pedals and V1 pedals  ( see note)
NOTE For V1 pedals :  it is likely that you will need small spacer of 0,5mm under sensor cap for a sensor to operate at full range of adjusted angles. spacer can be made of simple paper for example !
Compatible with V1,V2 and V3 pedals

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USD $ 50.09

Replacement can be done by watching carefully our adjustments video :

Pay attention to the fact that during assembly footplate MUST be PEPENDICULAR to the screw !!! least visually pependicular. This is most likely the reason of your purchase of this spare part as you did not pay attention to this detail when adjusting brake strenght and you ended up with some play in brake shaft as screw widened the hole !

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