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MFG SiMM8Rge USB joystick controller

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USB universal joystick controller board
Fitted in MFG Crosswind rudder pedals since S/N 0337(V2&V3)

Rudder pedals firmware is v5.xx (current v5.05)
Universal joystick firmware is v7.xx ( current v7.16)

Made in Croatia ( EU )

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Back in the air.

New part got rudder working beautifully again after a careless mishap on my part. As usual Milan came through. Shipping was super fast too. I love shopping here.


    Fast and reliable!

    Reliable high end quality and fast service - and best of all, easy to fix and maintain when really something breaks. Great service from Milan, can only recommend this hardware :)


      Milan Flight Gear the best of the best!!

      MFG provides a superior product and then enables the consumer to repair any part at a reasonable price point. The equipment is durable and easy to maintain. The software can be a little confusing figuring out which firmware version is needs to be installed but their support goes out of it's way to assist you. The company has produced a number of YouTube videos to further help anyone struggling. From the time of purchase to delivery was 10 days to my home in Southern California.


        Rudder Controller

        Ordered on Thursday received it the following Thursday in Oregon all the way from Croatia. It is hard for me to get things across country in a week. Thank you so much for the speedy delivery. Now I am up and flying again.

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        Fixed my problem.

        Ultra fast shipping to NY. Easy install and problem fixed,.

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        Fixed my problem.

        Some how mine stopped working. Ordered on Sunday and by Wednesday had the part in NY. Back at it again with the best rudder.

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        MFG SiMM8Rge USB joystick controller

        MFG SiMM8Rge USB joystick controller