MFG Crosswind V3 graphite

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New 2021 V3 model - rudder pedals for flight simulation, Windows/Mac OS/Linux

Select desired Footrest set to complete your desired pedals model !

Made in Croatia , Europe

15 Review(s)

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New 2021 V3 model of rudder pedals ( first pedals shipped late 2020)

Full changes will be published soon along with new pictures. There are no drastic visual changes in design. however, pedals have undergone substantial changes "under the hood" resulting in beefier (sturdier) critical components and reshaped parts based on 7 years of experience in customer support. There are some notable news too :

- built in threaded holes for hydraulic rudder damper addon
- pre-assembled brake cables secured with cable clamp to prevent damage from cable twisting/pulling
- Overall width of standard pedals reduced 5mm (From 495 to 490mm)
- Modified Me109 style Footplates are 1cm longer with a detachable heel cup (on 2 screws), therefore customers can now increase height of heel cup if their set up require very steep angle of the footrests ( e.g. low seat cockpit)

For All footrests except Me109 - you will need Imbus key 4mm. Make sure you buy it if you dont have one.

Accessories for rudder pedals

  • Hydraulic Damper retrofit kit for V1,2&3 Hydraulic Damper retrofit kit for V1,2&3
    na lageru, isporuka odmah
    Hydraulic Damper universal kit for V1-3 pedals

    Kit consist of 1x Adjustable hydraulic damper, Composite damper holder, 2x Din912 M8x40, 1x Din912 M8x80, 2x Din912 M6x35 screws, 2x Aluminum 16,5mm long ring Stand-offs ( Spacers)Compatible with MFG Crosswing V1,V2 and V3 pedalsAdjustable damping force (23 increments)Installation on V1,V2 is a bit more complex than on V3Allan imbus key for M8 screw not...

    USD $ 44.92 bez PDV-a
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  • Width adjustment - mild grey/black Width adjustment - mild grey/black
    na lageru, isporuka odmah
    WAP (Width adjustment) - graphite

    WAP - set podloški za podešavanje širine na MFG Crosswind pedalamaBoja : grafit / crnaCompatible with V1,V2 and V3 pedals

    USD $ 18.72 bez PDV-a
    13 Recenzija(e)
  • CAM-5 centering profile - mild grey/black CAM-5 centering profile - mild grey/black
    na lageru, isporuka odmah
    CAM5 - graphite

    Alternativni profil za centriranje rudder osi na MFG Crosswind pedalamaBoja : grafit/crnaCompatible with V1,V2 and V3 pedals

    USD $ 12.81 bez PDV-a
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  • Meka opruga za MFG Crosswind
    na lageru, isporuka odmah
    Meka opruga za MFG Crosswind

    Meka opruga za centriranje "rudder" osi. S obzirom da je standardna opruga koja dolazi uz pedale dosta realistična te pruža raspon od srednje do jake sile vraćanja osi u centar, nudimo i ovu mekanu varijantu koja pruža raspon podešavanja od extremno mekanog do srednje jakog. Ako ste navikli na mekoću sile na većini plastičnih pedala i to vam se dopada...

    USD $ 3.94 bez PDV-a
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Unparalleled accuracy, longetivity and response time

High resolution contactless magnetic sensors guarantee high precision without degradation over time, making spikey potentiometers thing of the past. Modern electronics provide up to 500 updates per second (capped as >500 saturates some flight sims)
3rd generation triaxis digital Hall sensor on rudder axis and analog hall's for brakes ( 4096 positions per axis )

Stepless pedals angle adjustment and toe-out

Minimum angle = 21° ( goes fully horzontal when brake applied )
Maximum* angle = 52°
Toe-out adjustment by changing swivel ( watch video )
* can be extended up to 61° by adding 10mm support plate under pedals, or by using "width adjustment plates" extra cost option

Differential Toe Brakes

Independent left and right brake axis ( 20 degree motion ) combined with strong torsion return springs provides excellent braking action and feel

Adjustable and smooth rudder centering design

"cam & arm" centering principle for smooth over the center transitions

Fine tunable knob for rudder "return to center" pretension force adjustment

Exchangeable centering " CAM " profile

CAM centering profiles have influence on progressivenes of force increase when deflecting rudder axis as well as center notch. That allow fine tuning the feel to reflect realistic forces of different aircrafts.

2x CAM's come standard with pedals ( CAM4 & CAM6 ) while more CAM's can be purchased as extra cost option ( currently CAM5 available )
Detailed explanation ( PDF file )

2x notch for rudder spring

To achieve stronger or weaker force toward the end of pedal deflection while force near the center remains the same

Software and electronics

12bit "plug and play" (HID) driver, compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 *

bootloader feature enable effortless firmware upgrades

MFG Configurator software enable advanced sensors calibration, many other handy features. Sofware is a simple .exe file ( no installation ) Settings are stored in electronics memory.

* drivers compatible with Linux and MacOS, but require adjustments under windows as our software work under windows only

Additional info

Made by CNC machining to achieve highest acuracy

Wall spacers - Adjustable pedals position from the back wall.

Sturdy Composite material construction with some aluminium parts, 17 bearings

Four holes for fixing pedals to any base surface/cockpit

Included allen hex key for making adjustments and 2m USB A/B cable for PC connection

Specifications - DOWNLOAD

Videos and Tutorials by MFG

Features Overview

Unpacking and assembly

Footplate angle adjustment

CAM replacement, centering force

Braking spring strenght adjustment

Width adjustment plates ( Extra cost option !)

Independent review videos and Forum threads

DBS Thor



Tuffy Tutorial

Review on :


MFG Software package
Package include latest software and firmware for Rudder pedals & universal joystick controller, as well as User manuals and changelogs


A PDF file with rudder pedals dimensions, and baseplate screw hole dimensions

CAM centering profiles difference explained


Just awesome

I was a bit sceptical about the composite material, however it feels first class, is heavy and very sturdy. Nothing creeks or squeeks, even when really pushing it.
The action of the cam is just amazingly smooth and the "progressive" setting really works. You can glide your plane in any crosswind so smothly it is amazing. But what amazed me even more is how much"feel" you have when using wheelbrakes. Anyone knows how easy it is to overbrake the f-16, but those breaks feel really natural.
I am one happy camper with those pedals and I hope they last for a long time.


    Perfection does not have to be expensive

    These pedals prove that good quality does not have to be expensive.
    Inspired by our virtual airline I ordered the pedals, shipping to Germany within 2 days, WOW
    It all feels solid and well made and more importantly, the precision when flying is very good.


      Incredible pedals

      I bought these pedals because these and the virpil‘s come up when people discuss high quality pedals but virpil is just much more expensive and less readily available.

      payment to receiving and building my unit was completed in 10 days, 3 of them in shipping - great time in my opinion!

      They feel great, they are responsive and with the dampener very enjoyable to use. Flying the AH64D in DCS or the HPG H145 in MSFS or any fixed wing aircraft is a lot more fun than using the Z axis of my stick. This allows for much greater precision while taxiing (with differential braking), while flying and most importantly, while hovering. The built quality is outstanding, the built itself is quick and easy with all tools provided and the software is straightforward and easy to use. I‘d recommend getting an anti-slip matt from amazon for less lipping on wooden floors but you‘d probably need that with every pedals available.

      All in all if you are looking for a high quality product, this is it!


        I'm very happy

        All very well. The hardware, the payment, the shipping, the dealing with the seller. All perfect


          Just amazing

          I switched from from the TM TFRP to these and the difference is astounding. Build quality is top notch and assembling the pedals was straight forward.
          I instantly launched DCS and gave them a test run in the Apache. Hovering with the old pedals was a pain, with the Crosswind V3 it was a joy.
          Precise control paired with a comfortable resting position for the feet.
          I can see why some people call them the best pedals on the market right now. They sure are for me!


            Last pedals I will ever buy.

            I have been using these for a bit now (with the damper and cam 5) and turning the spring resistance up and the damper in the middle gives me the best feeling. The packaging was top notch and it came really quickly.


              What a nice Product.

              What a nice Product you created. Realy nice finish of the pedals and alot of customizing Options. Ive ordered the dampener aswell and it works like a charm.
              Delivery time was also very good.
              Thanks for these nice Pedals and keep up the good Work.


                Fantastic and wonderful

                I have had the MFG pedals for 3 days. In short: I will never buy another one again. I have never been able to operate the rudder as sensitively as with those from MFG. The price is more than fair; almost too cheap :-) Absolute workmanship!



                  The Best wat you can have ! and you can change additional the Footrasters Cessna or Cobat universal its absolut Top

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                  5 *****

                  Easy to setup.
                  No crappy software needed.
                  Precise, great build quality.
                  No complaints.
                  I would recommend to additionaly order the soft spring if you want to use the pedal for space sims.

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                  MFG Crosswind V3 graphite

                  I had Trustmaster TFRP pedals earlier. Difference was enormous, Crosswind is much smoother and more accurate, it's also much more robust and sturdy. Difference for me was enormous. I recommend this product to all virtual pilots!



                    Buttery smooth Rudders, I had these rudders to replace my Simped peddles and they don’t disappoint. Nothing wrong with the Simpeds but these are far superior in build quality and accuracy.

                    Purchased the Graphite version with P51 foot plates and the damper - money well spent

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                    Product Good, Service not so much

                    This product is everything I expected it to be based on research, reviews and study.
                    The shipping was also even a little faster than expected.

                    The not-so good:
                    I had not even received my pedals yet when MFG dropped the price by almost $40 USD :O !!
                    Price adjustment/refund: Nope
                    Discount on additional purchase to compensate: Nope

                    IMO, this practice is not cool.

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                    Complete game changer for me, coming from a twist stick rudder to these was a night and day experience. I play a lot of IL2 and these made me be able to consistently aim and hit airground targets so much easier that it's insane (rudder is very important for aiming with warbirds).

                    Extremely high build quality and easy to put together, don't sleep on these!

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                    Note on reviews

                    Write and read reviews on each PACK product's page

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