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WAP (Width adjustment plate for MFG rudder)

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WAP - set podloški za podešavanje širine na MFG Crosswind pedalama
Compatible with V1,V2 and V3 pedals

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WAP - Set of Width Adjustment Plates for MFG Crosswind

Can be used to either :
- Decrease overall width of pedals for 3 cm / 1,18 inch (On Me-109 footrests)
- Increase overall width of pedals for 3 cm / 1,18 inch (On all footrests)
- Slightly adjust the height position of the footplate from the floor - for comfortable "sweet spot" of leg distance. (On all footrests)

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Presque parfait

Site très sérieux et content de cette pièce qui réduit l'écartement, on aurait pu gagner encore 1cm de chaque coté. Car ce qui me choque c'est l'écartement exagéré des pédales ! heureusement l produit est de haute qualité. merci


    belle pièce

    superb achievement and very functional thank you


      WAP for V3

      As I have the NEXT Flight sim stand the standard width was too much. Using the WAP the pedals fit well between the NEXT uprights, Only suggestion would be to add more holes as the pedals could each be moved inward about 2cm on each side to give another 4cm reduction in width without any interference. Great product!


        Just what I needed

        My space under my desk is limited so I ordered this set of width adjustment blocks along with my Crosswind 3's. I used these to narrow the overall width of the pedals. Very easy to assemble and the resulting width is perfect in two respects. First, the CW3's fit better into my flying environment. Second, the width is pretty close to the width of the pedals in the Beech B55 Baron I sometimes fly!


          Wounderful Products!

          I ordered the WAP for my MFG Crosswind Rudder pedals which I have owned for a couple of years now. Both are very great products, and well made. I will highly recommend both items!


            Great for VolairSim

            I bought these plates to use with my VolairSim flight chair - they're definitely needed!!!
            These absolutely allow the pedals full range of motion on the pedal plate of the chair!



              These work perfectly and as intended


                Works well to tweak the width a little bit

                I bought this accessory to reduce the overall pedal width of my Crosswind by a little over an inch. Not much, but a better fit for my foot spacing and under-desk placement.

                Of course, it can be used to widen the spacing by an equal amount if desired. Materials, design and quality is just as excellent as the rudders. It does raise the pedal distance from the rotation axis by a little over 1/2 inch; doesn't feel much different, but might be a factor for some.

                It shipped with my Crosswind and arrived in just 8 days to the northwest USA, which was also impressive.

                Thanks, Milan!


                  Very Useful

                  I needed the widht adjustment plates to fit the pedals into my rig. Without them it would have not been possible.



                    Great accessory. I found that I had to use this to reduce the width of the pedals to fit within the sides of my rig. Simple but clever.


                      Great addon for small space Rigs

                      I am using the pedals in a Simlab P1-X rig. Due to the limited space i ordered this adjustment plates.

                      They do their job. Quality outstanding as for the crosswind pedals.

                      Thanks to this addon the crosswind pedals fit perfect into the P1-X rig.

                      Great product!

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                      Sehr nice , so konnte ich die Pedale schmäler machen und sie passen unter mein Rig


                        Perfect! Exactly what I needed.

                        I wanted to mount my MFG Crosswind V2 Pedals onto a Next Level Racing Flight Stand. They’re just a bit to wide, this adapter worked perfect. The pedals fit nicely, now I just need a smarter way to attach them to the NLR stand, I used Velcro straps. I’ll tracking my own adapter plate for the Crosswinds to not slip on the stand.


                          Made a great product even greater!

                          The MFG rudder pedals are incredible right out of the box, the ability to customize then is a huge plus, adding the Width Adjustment Plates (WAP) is a great add on, since having both knees and hips replaced my stance has changed and with the addition of these plates, i was able to increase the distance between the pedals to make them so comfortable even for a coast to coast flight. there are multiple settings that you can use with them and installation took a few minutes..
                          They are perfectly machined and include all mounting hardware. I ordered mine the same time as I ordered the pedals. Great Job Milan !

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                            WAP (Width adjustment plate for MFG rudder)

                            WAP (Width adjustment plate for MFG rudder)