Width adjustment - mild grey/black Raširi

WAP (Width adjustment) - graphite

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WAP - set podloški za podešavanje širine na MFG Crosswind pedalama
Boja : grafit / crna

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WAP - Set podloški za podešavanje širine na MFG Crosswind pedalama

Može se koristiti za :
 - smanjenje ukupne širine pedala na 46,5 cm
 - povećanje ukupne širine pedala na 52,5  cm
 - fino podešavanje po visini podloški za noge od poda - za udobnu distancu nogu od poda ( po visini)

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Sehr nice , so konnte ich die Pedale schmäler machen und sie passen unter mein Rig


    Perfect! Exactly what I needed.

    I wanted to mount my MFG Crosswind V2 Pedals onto a Next Level Racing Flight Stand. They’re just a bit to wide, this adapter worked perfect. The pedals fit nicely, now I just need a smarter way to attach them to the NLR stand, I used Velcro straps. I’ll tracking my own adapter plate for the Crosswinds to not slip on the stand.


      Made a great product even greater!

      The MFG rudder pedals are incredible right out of the box, the ability to customize then is a huge plus, adding the Width Adjustment Plates (WAP) is a great add on, since having both knees and hips replaced my stance has changed and with the addition of these plates, i was able to increase the distance between the pedals to make them so comfortable even for a coast to coast flight. there are multiple settings that you can use with them and installation took a few minutes..
      They are perfectly machined and include all mounting hardware. I ordered mine the same time as I ordered the pedals. Great Job Milan !

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        WAP (Width adjustment) - graphite

        WAP (Width adjustment) - graphite