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WAP (Width adjustment) - grey

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WAP - set podloški za podešavanje širine na MFG Crosswind pedalama
Boja : sivo / crna
Compatible with V1,V2 and V3 pedals

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WAP - Set podloški za podešavanje širine na MFG Crosswind pedalama

Može se koristiti za :
 - smanjenje ukupne širine pedala na 46,5 cm
 - povećanje ukupne širine pedala na 52,5  cm
 - fino podešavanje po visini podloški za noge od poda - za udobnu distancu nogu od poda ( po visini)

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WAP set objašnjen


gets the job done

This lets my pedals fit into my Monstertech sim rig.


    A necessary part for tall guys

    For me I knew I needed these because of my height. these adapters work well for taller people who need the width to feel more comfortable working the rudders. great product.



      Glad that i bought it as my rig is narrow and with this WAP, i.can reduce the total width of the rudder pedal. Fit for my setup.


        Width Adjustment Review

        I included this item in my order because it seemed like a good idea and I didn't want to pay for shipping for just one item later. I ended up using this item to raise the pedals slightly and move the pedals a little closer together. This item also allows for more adjustment of the pedals backwards and forwards. These are worth having. I think they should be included in the package.


          I wish there was a WAP that I could use to reduce my waistline!

          However, since I am a ‘Fat American’, (I’m blaming GMO’s and the absence of nutritional value in processed foods…definitely not my serious food addition!), having a WAP accessory compensating for a bit of my girth is a tangible plus for me and those who fall into the ‘Plus Size’ category!

          I’m a stress-free zone and the MFG CrossWind Flight Simulator Rudder Pedal WAP Accessory allows for a more relaxed seating position with less effort required keeping the soles of my shoes correctly situated on the rudder pedals.

          Mike D. USA
          (My review of the MFG CrossWind Flight Simulator Rudder Pedal was automatically corrected to ‘Peddle’…which I missed before submitting. Well-Seasoned Individuals like me can do that sometimes!)

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