Introducing new firmware version v5.09 as well as MFG Configurator V2.17

Now available for download and it is pre-installed in MFG Crosswind S/N 15636 onwards !

While current release (v5.05 & MFG Configurator v2.15) are stable and bug free, we felt there are few minor issues that we can address as well as some features we would like to implement. Since some of these new features would typically require existing customers to re-bind axis in games we tried to think of a better solutions for quite some time. So let me bring you the news in firmware v5.09/MFG Configurator v2.17 :

NEW – RESOLUTION IS NOW 13 BIT – 8192 positions instead of 12 bit 4096 positions. Precision is increased and we are ready for new sensors and existing ones to large angle use (e.g.wheel, yoke etc). Should not affect existing configuration but resetting Windows calibration to default for MFG Crosswind might be needed.

Autocalibration mode (now default), Manual Calibration optional. In prior versions we had a feature called "Calibration ON/OFF". When turned ON (was default) axis was calibrated manually by clicking START/STOP button. When switched to OFF no calibration was applied but RAW sensor values shown. We decided to change this feature and introduce two calibration modes. Default it Autocalibration ON which means pedals will automatically "train" itself calibration upon restart. Only center point on rudder axis is factory calibrated. Switching this feature to OFF will let users use the old way -> Manual calibration with START/STOP buttons. We at MFG think old "manual" calibration is better as calibration values are safely stored in electronics so device is ready to fly as soon as you turn PC on. With "autocalibration" user has to move axis across full range at every PC startup so device can "learn" where is axis minimum and maximum point of motion.
For more experienced users Manual calibration is better, but for users having trouble understanding how process work or MacOS and Linux users Autocalibration is better (since MFG Configurator is not needed). Some users simply forget that calibration is mandatory after footrests angle adjustment so Autocalibration will sort this problem as well and hopefully reduce customer service need on this regard

NEW Service mode tickbox implemented (previously "Calibration =OFF"). It is just a temporary mode of operation
To understand Calibration modes please read new user manual -> Calibration Section

Some other notable changes are :
FIXED Watchdog causing device restart on linux every 3 minutes
CHANGED – device description now show „MFG Crosswind v2/3“ to avoid confusion of new customers, as V2 an V3 electronics are the same. Despite name change we left existing serial number in firmware so existing customers dont need to bind MFG Crosswind again in the simulator. Due to this fact Windows game device will still show old name to existing users :-(
IMPROVED - low pass filter now improved. Due to better filtering higher resolution is possible
IMPROVED/FIX - Melexis error checking -> in rare ocasions, if sensor temporary loose contact it will no longer output zero value to game
– Separate v5.09 SN2 firmware for 2nd rudder pedals on one PC (inside "DUAL RUDDER" folder). MFG Configurator is updated for this change as well so customers can now cleary distinguish and configure 1st and 2nd set of pedals (in simulator too).
NEW – version of Mikrobootloader, firmware updating application

For MFG Crosswind V1 pedals (USB A-A Plug) firmware is still the same and most of new features will not be implemented. New v2.17 configurator can be used but new features will do nothing or behave as before !

For universal joystick firmware update will be added at later date !

Sincerely yours,
Milan Šimundža