Combat style footrests

Allows for US style, heel-on-the-floor type of rudder control. We proudly present sturdy, ergonomic, antislip design for flying in shoes or barefoot.

MFG Crosswind rudder pedals were designed and conceptualized from day 1 to accept various footrests for different flying styles. That is why Brake axis dont depend on footrests at all and brake axis shaft is situated at ideal height from the floor as we had "heels on the floor" principle in mind from the start. We also imagined that our customers will not need to buy new pedals to use a different style, but just desired footrests.
We at MFG are glad to finally present to you our Combat style footrests. Head over at product page for more info

In upcoming months we will also introduce different footrest styles that you might like, as new technology enable us faster development and production in smaller quantities due to similar construction to current combat model. We intend to make Cessna, TBM930, Boeing, P51, P47. Depending on sales we will progress further.

Hydraulic Damper kit's

Hydraulic damper is NOT a necessity for pedals, but it substantially improves overall feel and realisam on the pedals !!!

What hydraulic damper does is add smooth fluid friction to rudder axis motion, and that friction can be finely adjusted by 23 increments on the damper, therefore customer has a choice of using no friction at all - and up to very hard friction.

You may ask why anyone want such friction. Well, by using damper pedals start to feel "heavy" as in real aircraft, fast changes in direction are harder to do - as in real aircraft and therefore it is harder to "overshoot the enemy" in a dogfight. Helicopter anti torque pedals are A LOT BETTER SIMULATED with damper and centering spring detatched on pedals, Airliner simulator also benefit of hydraulic feel as in real aircraft.

So this lead me to conclusion... if you can afford it - use damper on your pedals

Our solution is elegant as always ... instalation is simple, does not increase overall footprint of the pedals even when in motion, damper adjustment is at fingertip with correct and smooth damping force. Importantly enough - this add-on will not break the bank or pedals :-))

Link to product page for V1,V2 or V3 pedals
Hydraulic Damper universal kit for V1,2 &3

Enjoy in upgrading your long lasting rudder pedals
Kind regards
Milan Šimundža