Cable 5pin MiniDIN M/F - 16cm Expand

Cable 5pin MiniDIN M/F - 16cm

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Cable for MFG Warthog extension, suitable for extension size of 10 cm and above. For shorter extension buy same cable but without outer mold so cable can fit inside

Cable can be used with Thrustmaster warthog, cougar, F/A18 stick as well as compatible virpil sticks
Multiple cables can be hooked together to achieve long extension ( we tested 3x) but is limited by voltage drop over lenght

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Bought a second one as well

With the 10 cm version the cable must be curled up in the tube.
In case the cable breaks I bought 2 right away :)

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    Cable 5pin MiniDIN M/F - 16cm

    Cable 5pin MiniDIN M/F - 16cm