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MFG Crosswind V2 - graphite

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Rudder pedals for flight simulation, Windows/Mac OS/Linux
Made in Croatia , Europe

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Unparalleled accuracy, longetivity and response time

High resolution contactless magnetic sensors guarantee high precision without degradation over time, making spikey potentiometers thing of the past. Modern electronics provide up to 500 updates per second
3rd generation triaxis digital Hall sensor on rudder axis ( 4096 positions ) and analog hall's for brakes ( 2048 positions per brake )

Adjustable pedals angle and toe-out

Minimum angle = 20° ( goes fully horzontal when brake applied )
Maximum* angle = 52°
Toe-out adjustment by changing swivel ( watch video )
* can be extended up to 62° by adding 10mm support plate under pedals, or by using "width adjustment plates" extra cost option

Differential Toe Brakes

Independent left and right brake axis ( 20 degree pressing ) combined with strong torsion return springs provides excellent braking action
4x different settings of braking strenght adjustment ( watch video )

Adjustable and smooth rudder centering design

"cam and arm" centering principle for smooth over the center transitions

Fine tunable knob for rudder "return to center" force adjustment

Exchangeable centering " CAM " profile

CAM centering profiles have influence on progressivenes of force increase when deflecting rudder axis as well as center notch. That allow fine tuning the feel to reflect realistic forces of different aircrafts.

2x CAM's come standard with pedals ( CAM4 & CAM6 ) while more CAM's can be purchased as extra cost option ( currently CAM5 available )
Detailed explanation ( PDF file )

2x notch for rudder spring

To achieve stronger or weaker force toward the end of pedal deflection while force near the center remains

Software and electronics

12bit "plug and play" ( HID ) driver, compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 *

Future proof - bootloader feature enable effortless firmware upgrades

MFG Configurator software enable advanced sensors calibration, many other handy features. Sofware is a simple .exe file ( no installation ) Settings are stored in electronics memory.

* drivers compatible with Linux and MacOS, but require adjustments under windows.

Additional info

Made by CNC machining to achieve highest acuracy

Wall spacers - Adjustable pedal position the wall.

Sturdy Composite material construction with some aluminium parts, 17 bearings

Four holes for fixing pedals to any base surface

Included allen hex key for making adjustments and 2m USB A/B cable for PC connection

Specifications - DOWNLOAD

Videos and Tutorials by MFG

Features Overview

Unpacking and assembly

Footplate angle adjustment

CAM replacement, centering force

Braking spring strenght adjustment

Width adjustment plates ( Extra cost option !)

Independent review videos and Forum threads

DBS Thor



Tuffy Tutorial

Review on :


MFG Software package
Package include latest software and firmware for Rudder pedals & universal joystick controller, as well as User manuals and changelogs


A PDF file with rudder pedals dimensions, and baseplate screw hole dimensions

CAM centering profiles difference explained


Fine piece of hardware!

I ordered my crosswinds on November 5. On November 13. delivered to Germany by DHL. What a fine piece of hardware. Silent, quiet, smooth and highly precise, absolutely clean processed and highly stable. Due to the high resolution, helicopters are under absolute control.


    Best pedals money can buy!

    These pedals are engineered with endless customisation possibilities. They are absolutely noise free compared to my old saitek pedals. I didn't know rudder pedals could be this precise. All in all a brilliant product. If you have the money to buy cheaper pedals... save it and invest in these pedals instead!


      Elegant simplicity

      Beautifully designed, robust construction, silky smooth operation.



        I wish I had the skill and ability to build something of this caliber. If u want the best rudder setup u can get these are the ticket beautiful and it's sad they sit under the desk


          Happy pilot

          I "play" IL-2 GB and DCS world and these pedals I highly recommend, so much fun in warbirds where you have to do some foot work


            MFG CROSSWIND V2

            Surely it's among the best two or maybe three pedals on the market for flight enthusiasts. The only negative thing is the price a little high but it is understandable, being all in aluminum and with a remarkable construction quality.


              Upgraded from CH Pro Pedals

              What an unbelievable difference!
              The quality of the item is 100%, and the easy to follow assembly, adjustment and calibration videos available online had the pedals up and running in less than 30 minutes. The latest version of the calibration software is a little different than the version shown on the calibration video, but still similar enough to easily perform the calibration.
              I use X-Plane, and now when I make rudder setting adjustments in the sim I can tell what has changed.
              I tried using the pedals up against the wall and found that they needed to be mounted on something to increase the bottom surface area, or I could have had to reduced the yaw axis tension.
              I have carpeting over a wooden floor, (construction grade) so I just screwed the pedals down to the floor through the carpeting, using the mounting holes provided in the pedals. Problem solved.

              BUY THESE PEDALS!


                Worth every cent

                Ultimate control with ease,



                  Top-notch quality - solid construction and flawless operation. Absolutely brilliant.

                  These may look like they need to be screwed to a base (which they can be), but you don't have to do that - setting them against the wall, if one is available, is perfectly fine and they will hold in place well.


                    First class workmanship.

                    Received my set of v2- graphite crosswinds recently, perfectly packaged. And delivered to the uk within 10 days of order, the quality of these rudder pedals is very impressive...
                    Also purchased a 12cm warthog ext, and again super quality, both items in my opinion offer great value for the quality they represent, very satisfied customer.


                      Phenomenal pedals.

                      I am super new to flight simming so was building up my rig. After watching a bunch of youtube vids and reading some reviews, I knew that I needed these pedals. They are an amazing addition. Expertly packed, easy to assemble, super high quality materials, they are damn near flawless in my admittedly novice opinion.
                      I don't know how they compare to real rudder pedals in a real aircraft as I am not a pilot nor in training to become one but I do know that they feel great. No sharp detent, the springs for braking are neither too hard nor easy to push. I'm 178cm tall and of average build and the width of the pedals feels good with where my legs naturally rest.
                      In X-Plane, I've had zero issues. I've only flown the stock 172 and the 172REP and the pedals have noticeably improved my ability to do all the taxiing and flying and landing stuff.

                      These pedals are amazing and I would unconditionally recommend them. They are a bit more expensive than logis or the ch stuff but these feel like a lifetime purchase. They're worth it.


                        Exceptional in nearly Every Way!!!

                        I have had my Crosswind V2’s for more than a month now and had the chance to use them quite a bit for DCS and Star Citizen. Let me tell you how incredible it was going to these pedals. They are incredibly smooth in the directional input making for very precise movements no matter what their use. The build quality is incredible!!! At first I was worried that being composite they wouldnt be as good as other out that are metal, but as soon as I had them in my hands and under my feet it completely changed my mind! Not to mention the composite is actually super comfortable!!! I can play in my bare feet and it doesnt cause even the slight discomfort. As well, there is no flex, and believe it or not, I believe these will outlast anything else out there. Not to mention, in the even that anything goes wrong, everything is super accessible and modular so any repair would be a breeze!

                        Overall I cannot suggest them enough. I have recommended them to the guys I fly with and every single one of them has either switched to or acquired these. If you’re on the fence, dont worry, just buy them and let their performance speak for itself.

                        If I had any cons it would be that I wish it would have been packaged better, my box showed up a but beat up by the shipping company and the exterior had me worried. However, everything was fine. A couple parts were moving in my box. The only other, it isnt quite a con as a preference thing, I wish the bolt to secure the cam spring was a bit shorter. I will most likely trim mine down. This is a cool sustem though as the spring rate is more or less infinitely tunable to the tension you want your pedals set at.



                          An amazing amount of thought and design went in to creating this product. It has worked flawless since the day I go it and plugged it in. The design and texture is beautiful. The adjustable tension and smooth flow of control is unmatched in my opinion. Definitely cannot get a better set of pedals and at this price it was a steal. Even though it shipped from overseas seas, it still made it in a reasonable amount of time, about a week. I truly hope the designer decides to venture into other flight sim controls. I’d love to see a throttle quadrant made to this quality.


                            Excellent Product and Purchase Experience

                            Living in Malaysia i was worried about the order/delivery process from Croatia. But it turned out to be the best international purchase experience I've had.

                            I ordered a set of Crosswinds in Graphite from the site on a Monday and the pedals were under my desk by Friday lunchtime. Awesome!

                            The product is superb. Having heard lots of positive feedback from other users i guess i had high expectations, but these have been easily met.
                            Yes they're super smooth and precise, but the big difference in flying is that the pedals essentially 'disappear'. I don't think about them at all, the focus is purely on flying. I never realised how my previous pedals were a barrier to that.

                            I can highly recommend MFG Crosswinds


                              Best pedals on the market for flight sim

                              Very satisfied with the product


                                Hands Down, THE Best

                                Wow, these rudder pedals exceeded expectations. I read a lot of reviews, and watched many a YouTube videos on these, but even all of that didn't prep me for was yet to come. When I ordered these on a Friday I missed the shipping deadline, but come Tuesday just as stated I received my shipping confirmation. Final product arrived to Texas/USA on Friday of the same week. GREAT shipping with constant communication throughout the whole process.

                                Opening the box was no different than a 5 year old at Christmas. Assembly was easy, and the online videos posted by MFG make it a simple process. Product is far superior to anything I've seen, and is built to last. Very durable, and worth every penny spent.


                                  Impressive quality

                                  Bought these in 2016. Extremely precise and sturdy. Have used without problems in IL-2 BoX, Falcon BMS, DCS and X- Plane 11.
                                  The build quality is really good and when I don't fly I rest my legs on them. These probably lasts a lifetime, I can recommend!


                                    Best rudders available

                                    I barely write reviews but am more than happy to take a few minutes to give my 2 cents regarding the Crosswind.

                                    While doing a ton of research building my flight-sim setup, I kept seeing only one universally-recommended product: the MFG Crosswind. It didn't matter at the time that there was no website, that I had to email a stranger overseas who would in-turn custom built the rudders (by the way, terrific new website!) and that my invoice was a symbol I was unfamiliar with. Every single review said it was the only worthwhile product. I pinched my nose and took the plunge.

                                    I can honestly say that these truly are the only rudders I will ever need and the only one I can recommend to people. Don't waste any more precious time and energy and buy something that will give you a lifetime of use at the highest performance possible. Flawless performance with XPlane11 and MFSX (ps can't WAIT for their next one). Plays nice with whatever stick/yoke/panel I have hooked up (Warthog, Honeycomb, ect). Perfect product.

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                                    A premium bit of kit.

                                    Ive had my MFG pedals a few years now and theyve moved around with me from home to home.

                                    They may seem expensive, but the amount of use I have got out of them is priceless.

                                    Really sturdy, really tough, you dont *need* metal ones, trust me!

                                    If you can stretch to it, I think theyre an essential part of a PC flyers setup.

                                    if all my peripherals were as well built and accurate as these, Id be very happy indeed.


                                      4yrs later & I still love my Crosswinds!

                                      Milan is an artist and his pedals are fantastic, this has been my best flight sim purchase and ownership experience above everything and everyone else. You will not regret this!


                                        Best add - Superb Quality !

                                        Simply the best made, best performing hardware add ever. Totally changed - improved - and re-energized my total sim experience - and I've been on flight sim since the true (PC Jr.) beginning early 80's. Service and tech help, post sale, A++ ..... even acknowledged my several "thank you"messages !


                                          Amazing !

                                          very great rudder ! i use it in FSX and Condor : amazing : very precise, great silence, great materials, all i need can be customize !!!

                                          i thing for me it will be 2 times : before and after Crosswind !


                                            Superb !

                                            I am very pleased. Shipping was very fast, and the product is superb. They are extremely well built and work like a dream.


                                              Solid Peripheral!

                                              Got my Crosswind a couple of days ago! Popped on the youtube vid and followed along with the building instructions! Was real easy and well engineered! Loving the tension levels on the movement axis! I am now immersed!

                                              • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

                                              Don't think, just buy it !

                                              The feeling of this rudder is outstanding (coming from Thrustmaster’s basic model). This product is very well designed, it’s really worth paying its price, which seems quite low considering its quality.

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                                                MFG Crosswind V2 - graphite

                                                MFG Crosswind V2 - graphite