Set of brake axis springs rev.1 (Left & Right) Expand

Set of brake axis springs rev.3 soft (Left & Right)

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In case you want different revision from one shipped in your MFG Crosswind pedals.

19.08.2021 V3 revision introduced for new pedals - 6% softer than V1 mainly due to combat pedals requirements

All revisions are compatible with V1,V2 and V3 pedals
To determine which you already have see list below !

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Rev.2 spring is approx 13% stronger than original Rev.1. spring fitted on earlier rudder pedals.
(from 28.04.2020 we fit Rev.1 springs on new pedals again !
19.08.2021 V3 revision introduced for new pedals - 8% softer than V1 mainly due to more comfortable use with "heels on the floor" type footrests

Rev.1 was fitted on pedals S/N :
10000 - 12448
rev.2 was fitted on pedals S/N < 10000 not included in list above

rev 3 is fitted on :
14064 onwards


Following video can be used as Installation tutorial.
We removed this video from our youtube channel and "brake strenght adjustment" is no longer supported feature. Reason is becouse more than few customers damaged brake shaft while performing this procedure - causing hole on brake shaft to widen up which lead to 1-4 degrees play on brake axis.
It is very important to align screw hole on brake shaft to the screw itself before tightening, as noted on video !!!


Springs are way too stiff.

Compared to most high-quality pedals, the toe brake springs are ungodly stiff. So much so that I've stopped using the toe brakes entirely. The springs are so rigid that they are actually cracking the toe brake limiters despite the toe brakes not even being used. Do not skip leg-day with these toe break springs!

We need a "Space Combat" toe-brake springs that is 50% softer, potentially even softer to compete with VKB and Virpil.


    Needed for combat pedals

    Knocking off a star because these should come with the combat pedals by default.

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