Combat pedals kit for MFG Crosswind Expand

Combat pedals kit for MFG Crosswind

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Allows for US style, heel-on-the-floor type of rudder control.
Sturdy, Ergonomic, antislip design for flying in shoes or barefoot.

- Kit consist of left + right footrest, 4x Din7991 M5x35 screws
- Compatible with ALL MFG Crosswind models (V1,V2,V3) and WAP addon
- Easy footrests style change on only 2x screws per footrest

Allan imbus key for M5 screw not included - available as accessory

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MFG Crosswind rudder pedals were designed and conceptualized from day 1 to accept various footrests for different flying styles. That is why Brake axis dont depend on footrests at all and brake axis shaft is situated at ideal height from the floor as we had "heels on the floor" principle in mind from the start. We also imagined that our customers will not need to buy new pedals to use a different style, but just desired footrests.

That being said, we had combat style prototypes for years, fine tuned for comfort and ergonomics. Unfortunately, due to complexities of manufacturing such pedals on CNC we couldn't sell it at reasonable price (at least for what I think would be reasonable).

Now, finally, We are proud to offer you our Combat style footrests that are 100% up to MFG standards, made possible thanks to advancements in 3d print fillaments technology and latest 3d printers. Our special printer settings improve layer adhesion by 35% as well as finished product apearance. To the untrained eye pedals look like a high volume molded product.

 - 3d printed pedals out of reinforced PLA that are virtually unbreakable , tested under serious abuse.
(everything can be broken intentionaly with goal set to break it, but these footrests endure all possible real life scenarios with ease)

 - Lightweight for cost effective shipping around the globe !
 - By using WAP addon user can increase overall width of the pedals

Combat pedals were originaly designed based on F16 style which has big holes on body of the footrests. In real life, while flying on simulator, those early prototypes proved uncomfortable for barefoot flying, naturaly as they were designed for pilot's boots. They also proved slippery on braking and round shape at bottom caused some pain under toes when flying barefoot for 3-4 hours session. After many prototypes we ended up with a shape we offer to you. It is not gorgeus as early prototypes but is still nice, really comfortable and ergonomic.

We know that our customers are used to having one key for all adjustments. We broke that rule for 3d printed footrests and you will need Imbus key 4mm for these footrests. Make sure you buy it (in accessories) if you dont have one. Reason for this change is simple - to spread force loading across as many layers of 3d print and therefore increase ruggednes dramatically. Such thing was not necessary on composite parts

Always use original screw specification as supplied with combat pedals ! Countersunk screws increase ruggedness by 30%.

Re-tighten the screws after 1-2 days of use, when everything "sit" in place.

Buy required imbus key if you dont have it


Really solid prints

Good. Compatible with WAP as well ;)

Needed softer springs for the toe brakes.


    Wasn't sure but glad I ordered them!

    I upgraded my rudder system with Crosswind 3's and the damper kit. I was on the fence about trying this type of pedal and decided to order all of them together to save shipping cost. It was a good decision, I am thoroughly enjoying this new experience! For anyone trying to decide if Crosswind 3's and some accessories are the best way to go, I am certain you'll love them!


      Very stylish...

      ...i like the look of the combat pedals and the feeling is also very cool.
      especially if you fly without shoes it is very comfortable.
      I use 44° angle, its perfect for me
      (Yes its plastic ... but it feels very solid i prefer this over the original footrest)
      Awesome job


        Simple, and does the job

        I always found the original pedals too bulky, and was used to heels on the floor in real life flying. These new pedals fit the bill. I adjusted the angle to 44deg.


          Great addon!

          My MFG Rudder Pedals are so much more enjoyable now that I can make rudder / nose wheel steering movements with my heals on the floor!


            Like them

            I prefer them instead of the original ones. Using them the croswind is more "lightwight" to use...

            At the end its a personal thing which pedals you prefer... For me it was a good decision to replace the originals. Even when I fly a Cesna ;)

            They are made of Plastic - with a 3-D Printer I think... Hope they are durable..


              In reply to Bernard

              In reply to Bernard : You can achieve 2000kg downward force on this screw, of course you can't screw them "enough" like you can original composite as it is made of plastic.
              Combat pedals are flown with heels on the floor and you put your feet up when taxing//braking. It is like that in western military aircrafts

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              Lower quality

              You can't screw enough this pedals. They are too small so you must change poisition when using brakes. Original pedals are more efficient and best quality

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