Hydraulic Damper retrofit kit for V1/2 Expand

Hydraulic Damper retrofit kit for V1/2 pedals

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Kit consist of 1x Adjustable hydraulic damper, Composite damper holder, 1x Din912 M8x40, 1x Din912 M8x80, 2x Din912 M6x35 screws, 2x Aluminum 16,5mm long ring Stand-offs ( Spacers)

Compatible with MFG Crosswing V1,V2 pedals (also work on V3 but V3 kit is easier to install )
Adjustable damping force (23 increments)
Installation is a bit more complex than V3 kit
Allan imbus key for M8 not supplied

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If you are not sure which model of pedals you have watch assembly video first. Only V3 pedals have additional holes for easy damper installation and have "v3" engraved on baseplate.

Few of our capable customers have installed hydraulic damper on MFG Crosswind by themselves in the past, using various adaptations and whitnessing it's nice effects to realisam. After spreading their thoughts around the globe we started to get inquiries for these. As damper can be implemented in various ways, and various shapes and forms, it took MFG Team a while to source proper quality components to produce desired effects on rudder pedals and test for the best adaptation.

Our solution is elegant as always ... instalation is simple, does not increase overall footprint of the pedals even when in motion, damper adjustment is at fingertip with correct and smooth damping force. Importantly enough - this add-on will not break the bank or pedals :-))

Hydraulic damper is NOT a necessity for pedals, but it substantially improves overall feel and realisam on the pedals !!!

What hydraulic damper does is add smooth fluid friction to rudder axis motion, and that friction can be finely adjusted by 23 increments on the damper, therefore customer has a choice of using no friction at all - and up to very hard friction.

You may ask why anyone want such friction. Well, by using damper pedals start to feel "heavy" as in real aircraft, fast changes in direction are harder to do - as in real aircraft and therefore it is harder to "overshoot the enemy" in a dogfight. Helicopter anti torque pedals are A LOT BETTER SIMULATED with damper and centering spring detatched on pedals, Airliner simulator also benefit of hydraulic feel as in real aircraft.

So this lead me to conclusion... if you can afford it - use damper on your pedals

Damper assembly video


Greatest pedals just got better!

The best rudderpedals got better with the hydraulic damper kit. Easy to install, easy to tune to your liking. It feels great, smooth and better rudder operation.



    Everybody with crosswind pedals,must have the dampers ,its a must have;It makes the already very good pedals even much beter.concrats to milan you are great man .


      Damper for V2 pedals

      Delivery very prompt and as estimated.
      Took me about 20 min to fit - no problems.
      Seems good quality and really adds to the flying experience.


        Working Beautifully!

        The damper is great for planes, and even better for helicopters making operation excellent with the centering spring removed.


          Straightforward, rugged, great improvement

          This is a high quality improvement for your Crosswinds, already the best pedals for your simulations. The damper makes them great for helos too. Not simple to fit, but straightforward, if you know what I mean. Good value. Many thanks!


            This makes them perfect

            As much as I loved my pedals, I thought they were lacking in resistance and were too easy to push and difficult to smoothly get back to center. The damper on my v2 pedals gives the perfect amount of resistance I was looking for, makes them super smooth and recenters without any bouncing. If you have a set of crosswind rudder pedals you seriously need to get this damper.


              Awesome addition to the pedals

              This is really nice and well built. The feel is so much better just the springs. It definitely feels more realistic for me based on real world flight experience.


                Wonderful Upgrade

                Usual efficient shipping from Milan even when I made a mistake about the model (i'm on a V2), watched the video and took my time an installed in 30 mins or so. Adds a fantastic improvement to the feeling of the pedals. Recommended.


                  Damper Kit for V1/2

                  Ok---- just get these !!! Adds even more realism and feel to these already great rudder pedals. Be sure to watch Milan's how to video on installation--- hmmm, I saw some new combat pedals in the video------ Perfect !!!!! Thanks Milan !!!!!!

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                    Hydraulic Damper retrofit kit for V1/2 pedals

                    Hydraulic Damper retrofit kit for V1/2 pedals