Soft Spring for MFG Crosswind Expand

Soft Spring for MFG Crosswind



Soft spring for main rudder axis centering. Considering that standard spring that comes with pedals is very realistic and therefore provide adjustment range from middle strong to strong, we offer this soft variant which provide force range variation from extreeme soft to middle strong.
If you are used to softness in majority of plastic pedals and you like it than we recomend you buy this addon

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MFG Crosswing pedals feature Exchangeable centering system with various "CAM " profiles

CAM centering profiles have influence on progressivenes of force increase when deflecting rudder axis as well as center notch. That allow fine tuning the feel to reflect realistic forces of different aircrafts.

2x CAM's come standard with pedals ( CAM4 & CAM6 )
you can purchase extra CAM5 here
Detailed explanation on difference among CAM profiles here in PDF file

CAM centering profiles difference explained

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Soft Spring for MFG Crosswind

Soft Spring for MFG Crosswind