Update 20.11.2020 :

- As we are producing more pedals now stock outages should be rare...but black friday and Christmas time are unpredictable

Update 25.08.2020 :

- from now on you can subscribe to be notified when pedals apear on stock - on pedals product page.

Graphite pedals are added weekly, grey ones will be added soon.

Update 19.08.2020 :

- Just as I expected demand is high, customers are waiting for pedals to get back in stock. We added pedals in stock few times and they always sell out in 3-5 hours. For reasons above and to avoid overstressing our shop (too many orders at once) I will not release any specific date or time of stock addition in the future. All I will tell you that it will NOT be on wednesday's or weekend's and that stock IS added every week same day as we produce new batch ! Dispatch schedule is still the same as in delivery rules.

Only graphite colored pedals will be produced till 15.09.2020 !


Hi everyone,

Our employees are having holidays till mid August and then our production will return to full capacity. Untill then we are producing smaller quantity and therefore it is to be expected to sell out soon after we add pedals in stock. Our last re-stock sold out in just 4 hours :-( Preordering is currently not available so customers will have to react quickly to get pedals, sorry.

I also expect that, even after we return to full production capacity, periodic stock outages will continue for 15-25 days as many people are waiting for pedals to get back in stock so our sales are expected to be higher for a while. I hope all of you future customers can arm yourself with little patience.

This year is specific due to Corona virus, we were all exhausted and really needed this break.

Wish you all the best and keep yourself safe !

Kind regards

Milan Šimundža