As per new EU Regulation, starting today 01.07.2021, we charge customers from EU their country local VAT %.

I can only say I am glad this day arrived ! Before we had to charge Croatian VAT which is 25%, among heighest in Europe. Since most of other EU Countries have lower VAT rates this mean cheaper MFG products to 85-90% of our European customers !!!

Due to these changes we present to you TAX excluded prices and tax will be added on checkout. To simplify presenting overall cost we updated our checkout experience. All you have to do is go to checkout and select delivery country - pricing will be shown with VAT and shipping included !

To clarify this change on example of customer from Germany buying MFG Crosswind rudder pedals :

BEFORE : 276 + 14,4 shipping = 290,4 + 25% VAT = 363 eur

NOW : 276 + 14,4 shipping = 290,4 + 19% VAT = 345,58 Eur ( 17,5 eur less)

This example is valid for delivery to Germany, as German VAT is 19% . Every customer will be billed as per their local VAT rate.

Enjoy shopping with us !