Update on 18.05.2020 - Delivery by post disabled again due to Croatian post currently not accepting packages to many destinations.  South Africa delivery by DHL enabled again !

Update on 27.03.2020 - South Africa disabled for delivery. DHL states there are no delivery to South Africa till 14.04 soonest !

Update on 25.03.2020 - DHL introduced "Emergency Situation Surcharge" of 3 eur for DHL Express service due to corona virus as it get's increasingly difficult to deliver packages worldwide so we updated our prices on checkout. DHL Economy pricing is the same. Delivery times also increased a little, you can check updated transit time fron DHL here :


Update on 21.03.2020 - Due to exponential increase in number of infections we reduced production untill further notice.Dispatch of orders is ONLY, BY DHL, one isolated employee is preparing your goods for transport and leave it in front porch for DHL pickup, to avoid any contact.

We currently have enough products to sell from stock, but some products might periodically become "out of stock" during this crysis !


Be advised that due to limited border crossing across Europe there will be delays in DHL Economy service ( road transport).

Since DHL use their own planes and pilots never leave their Cabin, DHL Express service is operating fine, globally.

Our company is Located ouside infected zones, no infectiom case within 300 miles and therefore we operate normally with some advisable safety measures. Goverment is doing good job keeping infected people isolated so far...but as you know this notification is subject to change any day. If virus gets spread near us we will shut down factory and send workers home as a precaution. If that happens we will let you know. We are likely to dispatch all sold products before we close sales (if such event happen).

Kind regards

Milan Šimundža