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Čarolija drva d.o.o.

Head office :  Bisko 56 E, 21240 Trilj, Croatia

VAT ID : HR24509981841
OIB : 24509981841
Account number at bank : HPB d.d. | HR-10000 Zagreb
IBAN : HR9723900011500091582 | SWIFT : HPBZHR2X

Tel. 00385 21 544 488
Our customer service is available 7-15h ( central european time) - monday-friday

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Company is registered under Trade Register court in Split, Croatia, under number 060269850

Milan Šimundža, board member and managing director
Funding Capital : 20.000,00 HRK, paid in full

How it all began...

MFG - Milan Flight gear started with my fist home built rudder pedals in 2011. I decided to design and build my own because there were no good rudder pedals to purchase for a reasonable price. Because I possess both the technical skill and expertise in production and practical knowledge of flght control systems, I decided to make my own. The fist project was to “get my feet wet” and create a concept and design. Later, when I delved deeper into the various challenges, I completely abandoned the fist design and started almost “from scratch”. Composite material that I used in the fist pedals proved to be sturdy, resistant to wear and very manageable to work with - except for the high rate of CNC machine tool wear.

About me

First about my background. I partly own family business, my primary source of income – furniture production (www.simundza.com). Past ten years I've been working and upgrading my knowledge there both in managing, supplies, CNC machining and programing, CAD-CAM software, furniture design etc. Besides that I can proudly say I come from family of fliers. My father was private pilot back in the 80's alongside with his far cousin Matko and many of their friends. So me and my brother flew in gliders, cub's and cessnas since we were kids. My father, among others, later joined Croatian army as a Pilot, been thru the war and flew a lot of different planes in that time. Me, my brother and other Pilot's kids used to hang out together, making airplane models, flying simulators and flying real planes and gliders as much as we could. Some of us graduated as pilots, air traffic controllers, some went to military pilots etc. I am a PPL pilot today with nearly 300 hours of flight, my brother too. I have that luck that I am in company of all kind of pilots, old highly experienced war veterans and test pilots from ex-yugoslavia with countless experience. Today Cro army aviation pilots on PC-9 and Bells, instructor and examiners for PPL, Pilatus PC-9. Also, on the other side my childhood and colledge friends now flying for Croatian Airlines or other civil companies on various aircrafts.

It is now clear how my products are so good. Gather all the experience of myself and my friends into one product and you get MFG Crosswind rudder pedals for a start

About First product

MFG Crosswind rudder pedals were born upon all that at the end of 2012. As a perfectionist I didn't publish anything but continued to work. At that time there were many pieces of puzzle to solve. Problem with design of flight simulation gear is that you cannot resolve anything on paper or computer software. I needed to make a countless modifications of components to get a good feel on the pedals that represent realistic forces acting on a pedal. I needed some help from people above to achieve that. Problem arised becouse pilots don't think of a force applied – they feel. So I had to capture their thoughts and opinions and modify, then modify again. After all that I got a product too realistic to fly on simulator. I didn't like it myself. Then I reduced realism a little to get comfortable – close to real – flying experience. During that time I found out about different characteristics of different aircrafts, as well as pilots and sim pilots preferences. That's why my design is so much adjustable. I knew it is the only way I can make all simmers happy. Precise, Comfortable, adjustable, realistic, sturdy...

At the end I must say I am very much proud to what I did, both the characteristics and price. I wanted as many simmers as possible to use a proper gear...so I squezzed every penny out of my suppliers to get you good price.

I will continue to develop more products with the same level of quality in the future. My driving force is simmers happiness and support.