After quite some time of development, I am pleased to greet all flight and space simulation enthusiasts to our new web store. For many years we have been selling our products on a pre-order basis and I am pleased to announce those days are now well and truly behind us. All of our products are now supplied from stock - no waiting involved anymore!

If a product is temporarily unavailable the date of next availability will be included on the product page but I sincerely hope this will be on very rare occasions only.

Opening this web store enables the MFG Team to widen their horizons like never before. We can now offer more options and product customisations that was simply too time consuming to process on an ad-hoc basis.

We now offer NEW BLACK MFG WARTHOG EXTENSIONS, in stock today!

In addition to our normal range of products, we will be providing more smaller value items like spare parts for pedals, universal electronics and more components for cockpit builders like hall sensors etc.

Moreover, the new system will allow us to edit online content quick and easy. Product descriptions will be more detailed, including videos, explanations, download section, and FAQ section.

Our old website,, is no longer necessary so it will not be updated anymore. However, it will remain in place so our earlier customers can find us.

Enjoy shopping with MFG!

Yours sincerely,

Milan Šimundža