New Microsoft Flight simulator looks stunning so many of our customers already use it but have trouble getting pedals and their other perhapials to work. Let's try to clear up some things about it.

As Microsoft announced most popular game devices are automatically recognised and assigned in new MSFS2020. Unfortunately MFG devices are not. Therefore you will have to manually assign axis bindings of MFG Crosswind rudder pedals in the simulator (all 3 axis). When you start the sim it should notify you about it but people have reported that it was not the case, so you have to do it manually. It is easy and intuitive if you used FSX, Xplane or other sims, same principles apply. However there can be few issues :

- If you have some other perhapial that MSFS automatically assigned axis bindings, and it has rudder or brakes (e.g. Microsoft Sidewinder has auto assingen twist rudder) then you should delete that rudder assignment on your joystick as it will interfere with the pedals (double axis bindings !)

- One customer reported that pedals refused to work unless sim is in full realistic mode. This is probably a bug in early version of the sim but worth mentioning.

- 02.02.21 - One customer reported that changing spec under Options/General/Flight Model back to 'Modern' from 'Legacy' fixed some strange issue with rudder axis re-centering itself mid flight

And that is all there is to it. If you need more detail explanation Squirel made an excellent video tutorial. He uses our pedals and it will clarify things for many people. Watch from 9:36 as he focuses on rudder axis and bindings from there.

I must disagree with Squirel about deadzones ...I suggest you set this to zero and adjust it in MFG Configurator if you need it. Adjusting it inside the sim actually decreases your pedals precision while adjustingi it in MFG Configurator will not reduce precision.

Enjoy new Microsoft sim, wish you happy landings

Kind regards