Year 2023 is coming to an end and I bet a lot of flight simmers are eagarly awaiting for some discount on flightsim rudders for PC. Well, at MFG Black friday arrived a little sooner and is here to stay a bit longer.
Our web shop got some serious attention too - new rudder pedals, more clear indication what exactly are you buying, speed enhacements

We have lowered our prices for this Black friday more then we ever did - 10-31% , so grab your rudder pedals while we have in stock !... I am serious...DHL Already announced 5-7% price increase in 2024, material cost for rudder pedals increased as well as transport costs, and chip/sensors shortages are giving us some real headache. Therefore now is the best possible time to make your flight simulator rudder pedals purchase !!!

Our discounts will stay valid until End of November


Enjoy your shopping folks